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We're All About Your Quality Of Life!

Our Why

Quality of Life_About Us_OUR WHYUnanimously, the second most basic human need right after food is shelter – a place of solace and serenity. The indispensability of this crucial need of man has led to its gross short supply.

As a nation grows so too does the need for housing for its citizens, Nigeria currently has about 17 million housing deficit. For the same growth reasons, the major cities of the country resultantly became …

Our Intervention

Quality of life_about us_OUR INTERVENTIONAbioye Oke, a multi-level marketing expert and the CEO of Lifestyle Asset Hub Limited, got fired up with intense zeal and made bold to transfer his network marketing expertise to solve a timeless humanity difficulty.

As they say, it all begins with a dream. Abioye dreamt of creating affordable access to luxury homes in the city centers across…

Our Legacy

Quality of life_about us__OUR LEGACYWe offer you a deep sense of ownership and absolute control of your living and thus your whole quality of life.

Peace of mind, security and comfort are the main reasons that inspire exorbitant city-center renting, now you can HAVE those for yourself at a tiny fraction, 1/10 (or less) of the cumulative sum of your rents over years which doesn’t still earn you ownership…

Hub Academy

is the arm of our business offering that focuses on the constant development of our subscribers through online and offline training sessions.

Real Estate E-Commerce Hub

Allows you to trade real estate from the conform of your home with anyone, from where ever you are on the earth

Our Vision

To become the biggest and most sought after Real Estate Wealth Creation Company in the World. To Urbanize our society with 1,000,000 houses by 2030

Our Mission

To constantly provide all our Subscribers and stakeholders with cutting edge KNOWLEDGE to achieving the GOOD LIFE.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Are knowledge and wealth creation company

with special interest in Real Estate acquisition and Personal Development of all our Subscribers.

Lifestyle Asset Hub Limited is the premier Knowledge and Real Estate Network Marketing and Online Property Trading Company with a robust business model and compensation plan. We’re all about the quality of lives of our partners

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Bukkie Adetula

Chairman Board.

Morgan Martinez

Executive Director Diaspora Investment Portfolio.

Philip Atar

Executive Director of Admin & Finance

AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz

Director Planning & Strategy

Hyeladi Haruna

Executive Director Hub Academy​

Ibok Offiong

Director Innovation & Next Practice

Julius Oluwasegun Aroba

Director Global Expansion

Raulah L. Usman

Board  Advisory

Lawrence Enebeli

Board Advisory

Fidel Pepple

Board Advisory

Yusuf Baba

Board Advisory

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