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Unanimously, the second most basic human need right after food is shelter – a place of solace and serenity. The indispensability of this crucial need of man has led to its gross short supply. As a nation grows so too does the need for housing for its citizens, Nigeria currently has about 17 million housing deficit. For the same growth reasons, the major cities of the country resultantly became steep (high-priced) beyond the means of an average individual, except for the big corporations and a few individuals who have the capacity to afford it and others who chose to afford it at the expense of other financial obligations in exchange for other wins such as comfort and security, social standing or showoff.

This naturally forces out-of-town a whole lot of people who earn living in the city and should live there but can’t afford the high-price or chose not to because they prefer not to compromise on other areas of their financial responsibilities or have a different financial priority.

Thus a coercive choice has to be made between low-balling their personal standard in other areas of their life resulting from huge financial burden on accommodation or sacrificing the comfort and security of being in the city-centre and the ease of living close to where they earn living.

Neither of the flip sides represents an ideal situation and living life well enough as it ought to be lived as they both imply failing and falling short of the personal standard in a trade-off for other important obligations or personal preferences. 

Another challenge in the same respect as the above is procuring and building on ingenuine or non-gentrified land, this mostly results in land conflicts and loss of investment without a fallback. These (the above) described the core human need challenges which have lingered for decades unresolved.


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