Every new Subscriber will now be issued a Plot of Land within 4 weeks of payment. A Landed Allocation Document will be issued in the name of the Subscriber under these terms:
(a) The Landed Property simply protects our Subscribers Funds and reduces risk factor to zero.
(b) The plot of land allocation is designed to insure the subscribers subscription
(c) When Subscribers qualify for their Apartments, they would exchange the Land Allocation Document with the Keys to their Apartments; hence the Land ownership comes back to Lifestyle Hub.
(d) In the event that a subscriber has been able to sign up one downline the allocation documents becomes null and void.

A subscriber who has zero subscribers within a period of 12 calendar months after subscription and wishes to opt out of our system has two options;
(a)Possess the land: the Subscriber shall give the company three weeks written notice of intention to possess if they wish to possess the land under this heading. This can only be done after 12 months of subscribing,
(b)Refund: get their subscription fee refunded less 25% investment and the subscribers’ back office will be deactivated.