EXTRA LUXURY organic PLAN 2; Obeys the law of 4

Extra Luxury Offer - VVIP PACKAGE

luxury home without luxury budget
luxury home without luxury budget

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VVIP Package

Organic Plan
$ 12,999
99 One-Off Subscription
  • Recommend 4 Directs (4x1) & get 5% bonus on each subscription
  • Have Your 4 Directs recommend 4 Persons each (4x4) & get 100% subscription back as leadership bonus
  • Congratulations! You've Qualified. Pick up your KEYS on or before 24-Month

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In-house Construction
No Loan or Debt Equity
Experienced and Reputable Board Members
Pure organic and leverage system

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Yes, your Network would not grow without direct referrals. In such instance, two options are available to you; Request cash refunds ( See more details) or posses the land collateral (See more details).

No! Your sense of urgency and dream fulfillment determines your speed.  However, the company throws in additional incentive to reward speed and timely completion of qualification matrix.  

No. our model is a self-funded one, it relies heavily on ORGANICISM. Construction funds garner organically through the leverage system and our outright offer is off-plan which equally gives us leverage for complete construction. 

Our model is built on the “Law of 3” and “Law of 4” which sustains it. Depending on the subscribed package, its clear from day one that a certain number of referrals  are required by every individual to fulfill the qualification toward a dream home.

As a matter of policy, all lands acquired by the company must have “C of O” with proper verification from the Authorities. 

You are in absolute control of your Lifestyle Hub Business. In the event of your downline inactiveness, you’re able to bypass them and signup more people that will fill your downlines and you reserve the prerogative to have the new signups use you refferal link or your “inactive” downline link.

The subscription fees in any of the leverage based packages doesn’t singly confer on you the ownership of our hundreds of thousand Dollars worth of Real Estate. However, its all the out-of-pocket investment required to get you to own the apartment, no further installment is required. Your subscription is the ONLY initial investment you have to make and then the balance of your luxury dream apartment will be paid up for with your social capital.

We are aware that our offer is incredible, its not just so. It’s the outcome of 5 years of extensive planning and incubation before it was launched. There are absolutely no hidden charges besides your initial subscription investment. However, you may be required to pay service charges for the maintenance of the esthetic which would be mutually agreed and not imposed. 

We are a Pan African Company with physical offices across Nigeria and Ghana. All our Business Associates (Vision Partners) can have their apartment built for them after qualification in any of our coverage locations which they prefer the most. Read our T&C for more details.

We are unequivocally distinct from Pyramid Scheme. With our system, you can qualify before you upline, this is a thing thats not possible in Pyramid. This system is also not endless unlike Pyramid Scheme, you qualify and technically exited the system after the completion of your 3rd, 2nd or 1st Generation for the VIP, VVIP or Elite VVIP Packages respectively. 

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