About Us

  • We are a Knowledge and Wealth Creation company with special interest in Real Estate and Personal Development of all our Subscribers.
  • We are 100% a Nigerian Company and fully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC Number: 1466783. We however have an aggressive Global Expansion Plan.
  • Lifestyle Asset Hub is a company set up to fill the massive real estate gap in Nigeria through its innovative Business Model. Our strategy is to help individuals achieve their dreams of owning a home of theirs using the “Referral System” with a very attractive compensation plan. Our target audience can own a 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex Apartment with just N1, 500,000 using our unique model. Our ultimate business aim is to help all those that partner with us improve their Lifestyle and achieve the good-life.
  • Lifestyle Asset Hub Limited is the premier Knowledge and Real Estate Network Marketing and Online Property Trading Company with a robust business model and compensation plan. Our Subscription fee of N1,500,000 helps our subscribers purchase a life changing 3 in 1 Package: The Hub Academy; The Real Estate Business Platform; and the Real Estate E-Commerce Hub. All designed to help our subscribers build personal capacity to achieving greatness and sustainable cash flow.

At Lifestyle Asset Hub Limited, We believe you profit more from knowledge than from opportunities.

(...and that is what we stand for)

What We Do?


To become the biggest and most sought after Real Estate Wealth Creation Company in the World.


To constantly provide all our Subscribers and stakeholders with cutting edge KNOWLEDGE to achieving the GOOD LIFE.

OUR VALUES (Our 6 Pillars)

  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Charity

Wealth According to Lifestyle Hub

  • Wealth Creation is a journey and not an event
  • Real Wealth must be total and Lifestyle Hub provides you a 360 Degree Wealth Platform:
    • Intellectual (vast in useful knowledge)
    • Social (ability to win with People)
    • Health (feeling great in your body)
    • Family (Shelter, food, education for children, etc.)
    • Recreational (vacations, etc.)
    • Inner Joy & Happiness (living a debt free life, etc.)

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