How To Subscribe

  • Subscription Fee of N1,500,000 (your best investment ever).
  • Your Subscription fee provides you a 3 in 1 Package specially designed to help you achieve the good-life:
  • THE HUB ACADEMY - (Business and Life Knowledge);
  • THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS PLATFORM - (Knowledge on how to build a healthy Real Estate Portfolio);
  • THE REAL ESTATE E-COMMERCE HUB - (Knowledge on Smart Real Estate Trading).

N1, 500,000 Subscription Breakdown and Benefits:



(Business, Career and Life Knowledge)

  • The fully integrated Knowledge Arm of Lifestyle Asset Hub Ltd.
  • 80% online via a weekly Webinar on thought provoking topics designed to help all Subscribers build capacity for a lifelong success.
  • 20% off-line (Physical) via a bi-monthly One Day Intensive Course. With Certificates issued to all Participants.

Training Modules will include but not limited to:

  • Real Estate;
  • Business Management;
  • Leadership & People Development;
  • Wealth Creation;
  • Ethics;
  • Etiquette;
  • Sales & Business Development;
  • Creativity & Innovation;
  • Business Mindset;
  • Personal Effectiveness and Productivity;
  • Coaching and Mentoring;
  • Financial Management;
  • Investment & Cash flow Analysis
  • Public Speaking and Presentation

.....and much more.

  • All Subscribers would have access "User Name" and "Password".
  • There would be a "Download Centre" to download eBooks on different topics of interest and training slides.
  • Previous Trainings can also be replayed.
  • Opportunity to work with the Company


The Real Estate Business Platform

THE 40 UNITS REAL ESTATE BUSINESS PLATFORM: this is a unique Real Estate Referral Program that teaches you how you can own a 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex Apartment by building up your 40 Units "Real Estate Platform" using a 3 by 3 Network Marketing System:


  • You refer 3 people that activate into our Knowledge Program with N1,500,000 (One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) like you did; and you earn 10% commission on each. Your Bonus = N150,000 x 3 = N450,000
  • Your 3 referrals will refer their own 3 people each = 9. You will get a Leadership Bonus of N1,500,000 after the 9th person signs up. Your Bonus = N1,500,000
  • Those 9 people in your second generation will also refer their own 3 people each = 27. (9 x3 =27). (Totaling 39 people in all plus you =40). YOUR REWARD = You qualify for a 4 Bedroom Terrace Duplex Apartment (fully finished)


  • No time frame for qualification. You grow your Platform at your pace without pressure.
  • Anyone that completes his/her Platform within 3 months, that person gets a Brand New Car. (A Ford Focus Salon).


If your preference is :
  • Abuja - AMAC
  • Lagos - Lekki – Ajah axis or any other developed part of Lagos with space to build.
  • Other State - within the State Capital


You get keys into your apartment 90 days after qualification

The Lifestyle Hub Leadership Program

  • Specially designed to help you own multiple apartments;
  • With a strategic aim to help you build a One Billion Naira Real Estate Portfolio within 2-5 years;
  • Imagine you qualifying for 20 apartments within 2-5 years with each valued @ N50,000,000 = N1BN
    • Senior Leader
    • Executive Leader
    • Rhodium Leader



  • This gives you a “Real Estate E-Commerce Site” (which is not Referral Driven).
  • It is strictly online property trading where you earn commission on all properties you sell using your unique link. You earn 3% on every transaction.
  • The Company gives you a robust training on this when you come on board.

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