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 Let’s Make It Yours”

A Luxury Home That Gives You Deep Seated Comfort And Launches You To Lead A Well-Rounded Lifestyle.

(without huge budget and fear of being underhanded)

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What Is Lifestyle Hub Model?

What exactly makes Lifestyle Hub Model different from the traditional real estate acquisition solutions? 


The Lifestyle Hub Model is a cost-effective pathway to give YOU an all-inclusive GOOD LIFE: dream home, all-expense-paid international vacations, an exotic brand new car, family health insurance, children scholarship, career progression (advancement), gold ownership, massive wealth building, and just about anything that gives you a luxurious Lifestyle. SEE WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN LIFESTYLE ASSET HUB:

Here's What We Offer ...

Sits Your Home on A Conflict-free Land

Land conflict disturbs your peace of mind and takes away the comfort that should come from owning your home. You don’t have to deal with that. We take the pain to go through the rigorous of dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s in genuine and verifiable land ownership by procuring lands within organized and statutory ownership so your home sits on genuine and conflict-free land.
We ensure that you never have to experience the woes of land disputes.

There’s Magic in Numbers​

Leverage is the name of the game. Our model lets you make up in numbers what you don’t have enough of in cash. You’re launched into a luxurious lifestyle with the strength of your social capital, not the physical cash possession. Our model teaches you to own a luxurious home of your dream and lead a good life giving you POWER, CONTROL, AND DEEP SENSE of WORTHINESS all with the power of leverage and a one-off nominal subscription.

You shortcut your ultimate walk to financial security.

Let Your Rent Pay Its Way To Your Dream Home.​

A modest rental apartment takes an average of 50 -70% of the annual income of the household which makes rental a major outlay and financial burden on the family sustenance many years into the future thus makes owning their home a bottom priority. With a one-time strategic investment of your recurring annual dues to your landlord, you can own a dream home and continue to pay annuity to yourself and your family’s care for life. 

Reimagine rent. Have it buy you and your family comfort and peace of mind you hold dear.

Choose Your Neighbors​

Take your association with friends and family to a whole new level by teaming up and positioning strategically on the ladder of financial abundance. And consolidate your collective successes with neighborliness in your well-deserved luxury apartments and celebrated lifestyle.
Live life on your own terms with the people that matter most in your life; your intimate friends and lovely family

Own one. Own Multiple​

Becoming a player in the real estate industry doesn’t have to be wishful thinking or exclusivity of the big companies and the very rich. Ride the back of our model to build a robust real estate portfolio worth several billions in as low as 5 years.

Position yourself strategically and build massive wealth being a major player in the industry.

Have Your Home Speak Your Language of Taste and Preference​

A luxury home is complemented with luxury furnishing. To make certain your home gets the classy adornment of furniture and fittings that gives it a tasteful look that matches your preferences, we give you a whopping sum in bonuses as you walk through your apartment qualification to make your home livable for you.
Your Luxury Home is deserving of nothing short of luxury fittings

Let Your Exquisite Automobile Do The Talking​

Your automobile (home) speaks volume of the stability of your financial strength and the status of your stationary home. The car you drive gives a preliminary assessment of your social standing; exude the dividend of your new life by driving a brand new exotic automobile earned as a bonus for your hard work and speed. 

Amplify Your Career Progression​

Wealth to us is a journey, not an event and to effectively build sustainable wealth, knowledge must come first. As a Knowledge Company, we support our subscribers’ career and business advancement with continuous local and international personal growth training.
Hub Academy is the arm of our business offering that focuses on the constant development of our subscribers through online and offline training sessions.


These Vehicles Take You To The GOOD LIFE!

Our promise of a better quality of life is all-inclusive and deliverable via FOUR DISTINCTIVE ROUTES that take you
all the way to the same destination. Choose the one that is the best fit for you and your drive.

Extra Luxury Offers

Solid Refuge Offers

Our Apartments' Feel And Features...​

Extra Luxury Apartment

Solid Luxury Apartment

Don't Just Take Our Words For It...

Hear From A Few Of Our Partners

Senator Binus Yaroe Dauda, Politician

Senator Binus Yaroe Dauda, Politician

Alhaji Gidado, Business Man

Ify Ejike, TV Host

Ify Ejike, TV Host

Hyeladi Haruna, Business Coach